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Kanan from Mumbai wanted to like-minded individuals from Mumbai in DFW. She had an open invite for anyone from Mumbai in her backyard for a meetup where 60+ people showed up for event and that's how the Mumbaikar Group was formed. A WhatsApp group was also formed and story began. Over a span of just a few months, this group had 900+ families joined together and started having inter-cultural exchange with various cultural and social events and began a support system for the members . The enthusiasm of the group led to multiple special interest subgroups all managed by various volunteers. 

During one of the discussions of channeling this positive energy to do something good for the society, the seed for forming the 501 C(3)  non-profit to lead a positive social change and aid those most in need, regardless of their race, religion, or political affiliation took place. The enthusiasm of the group helped in channeling this thought process further with support of various individuals having expertise in various fields.

Being a Mumbaikar means embracing the city's vibrant culture, diverse communities, and fast-paced lifestyle.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To enhance the inter-cultural exchange and lead positive social change that prevents and alleviate human suffering and aid to those most in need regardless of their race, religion, or political affiliation.


Our Vision 

Our vision is to preserve Mumbai heritage by celebrating various religious festivals, encourage friendship among members with entertainment, religious & cultural, social, business, personal growth, health awareness, cuisine, educational, arts, yoga, meditation and sporting events and camps, and to educate Kids, Teenagers and Youth about Indian culture and Mumbai spirit.


Our goal is to unite all Mumbai people under one roof; to promote and preserve our religion, culture, heritage, social/cultural awareness and respect of Mumbai, India by providing a platform to community and serving the community needs.



Bringing Mumbaikars Together
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