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Terms of Use

This group is for Mumbaikars in DFW Metroplex. The goal of this group is to have fun, share joy and help each other and create memories that each of them will cherish. Things we like about Mumbai isliveliness and energy that run through its DNA. This group is for that Mumbai life that brings togetherness and support each other.

Founders - Kanan & Hardik


Mumbaikar Group is based upon 3 main principal. i.e., Caring, Sharing, and Giving.
*Caring -  We care about you fellow Mumbaikars and society. 

*Sharing - We love to share our knowledge through our Special Interest Groups and finally  

*Giving -   We care about humankind's well-being give what we can to homeless shelters, food banks, and senior citizen homes. 

  1. You need to be residing in DFW Metroplex

  2. You or your spouse have spent at least 5 years in Mumbai/Mumbai suburbs. 

  3. You must be referred by another existing member to become member. It will be existing member’s responsibility to make sure about new member’s Mumbai bonafide

  4. English and/or Hindi language to be used

  5. We would need to help in arranging events. Please come forward if you would like to be part of events and volunteer for events. We try to rotate volunteers for every event.  

  6. No selling business (direct or indirect)/forwards/jokes, birthday wishes here.  If you posted by mistake, please remove the post immediately yourself or when asked/pointed out.

  7. Do not post any advertisements. 

  8. Advertisement: Please see separate guidelines for advertisement etc.

  9. No sub groups based on language, zip codes, locations, political afflictions regions or religions

  10. No discussion of politics and/or religion. 

  11. Please avoid ranting, dominating or hijacking conversations.  Remember we want to have fun and be helpful to each other and not be hurtful. Before sending a complaint to a group, identify the “administrator ” and share your thoughts with him/her.

  12. When replying to a specific comment from a person, use the “reply” function to make sense of your comment and avoid confusion 

  13. Do not use Mumbaikar groups for personal gain. If you posted by mistake, please remove the post immediately yourself or when asked/pointed out 

  14. Founders will have ultimate authority to remove/discontinue any member and/or group

  15. We have number of other sub-groups.  Please see separate list.  Respect the purpose and objective of each group. Founders will part of administrator group and act as a group moderator as required. 

  16. Administrator of each group will also act as moderators and have complete right to delete any inappropriate messages 

  17. Confidentiality: You must keep the details of members: Name, Phone Number, Address etc. confidential and not share with non Mumbaikar unless the the individual has has given written permission to do so via SMS message or email

  18. Selling of members details i.e. name, email id, phone numbers may result in criminal case against you

  19. You agree to share your basic information with other Mumbaikars

  20. Please do not use copyrighted/pirated materials-specially for Mumbaikar Magazine and/or web site

  21. We all have some passion or idea of fun, but it needs to happen right here in main group and not in any of sub group! It can be Karaoke night/Cards Party /Bowling/Pizza night or General invite or just meet to have etc.

  22. We have the right to remove you from all the Mumbaikar groups if you have not lived in Mumbai for 5 years.


How we do it?

If you want to host any event, either create poll on pollsez site and post it right here. Whoever wants to join, they can vote or can PM host.   

b: Not all 500+ people will show up for event. Believe me as not more than 10-15 people can be right there at that right time.

c: if you want to host event for only 10 people, mention that in message itself and you can let 11th person know (with heavy heart) that limit is reached, and we all have to accept that fact sportingly.

Important: Mumbai runs on sweat and helps during disasters and that helping attitude and eagerness need to be there in each of Mumbaikar. This is to effectively arrange volunteer activities in DFW. This can be food bank donation, visiting senior citizen group, creating packed lunches for homeless etc.

We Need Your Support Today!

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